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Frittata with mixed pulses
Spelt with red pesto
Warm edamame and chicken salad
Mediterranean-style sorghum and chickpeas
Chickpea balls
Stuffed tomatoes with 7 grains
Cannellini beans hummus with capers and mint
Ancient grains and lentils with salmon and avocado
Exotic bulgur and quinoa salad
Chickpeas and whole spelt with roast beef and red onion relish
Timbale with ricotta and mixed pulses
Spelt salad à la grecque
Chickpea and watermelon mix
Sicilian sorghum and chickpeas
Tacos with edamame and roasted prawns
Sesame tuna and cannellini beans
Lentil and smoked salmon cheesecake
Lentils and ancient grains with buffalo mozzarella and red fruit coulis
Dark red kidney bean hummus with beef and spinach
Kidney beans with Brussels sprouts à l’orange
Cream of lentils with ginger prawns
Seven grains with curry prawns and porcini mushrooms
Whole spelt and chickpeas on a cream of peas, burrata and spinach
Bulgur and quinoa à la grecque