I Pronti

All wonderfully cooked, free from preservatives.

Ready to serve.

Try pulses, cereals, the two together in the Pulses and Cereals Mix or enjoy them paired with tasty veggies.

I Pronti ready meals are steamed naturally,

to preserve all their nutrients.

Just add a drizzle of Italian extra-virgin olive oil

to soften their texture and bring out their flavour.

Eat them just as they are, without draining or rinsing, heat them in the microwave or use them in salads, soups and other recipes, reducing significantly the preparation time. Either way, they’re ideal for those who are short on time but eager to eat well.

Speaking of which, take a look at what you can cook with i Pronti.


6 legumi tra cui scegliere, tutti già Pronti.
Per variare in cucina,

anche quando hai poco tempo.

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Buoni pasta e riso eh.
Ma sai che c’è un’alternativa?

O meglio, qui ne abbiamo 3.
Cereali cotti al vapore:

7 cereali, Farro, Bulgur e Quinoa.
Già pronti.

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Non c’è coppia più unita di cereali

e legumi.
Sono buoni insieme e perfetti

per un piatto completo.
Sono cotti al vapore e conditi

con solo un filo d’olio d’oliva

che li mantiene morbidi.
Su di loro potrai sempre contare.

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Mix with vegetables

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I Pronti
are ready for