More Than

More nutritious, more simple to prepare, more practical to eat: much more than pulses.


More protein, less carbohydrates, more fibre, less time. This is much more than pasta:
this is fusilli, penne, sedanini, spaghetti and lasagne made from red and yellow lentils,
peas and chickpeas.
For colourful and nutritious dishes that are 100% vegan and gluten free.

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If you love rice, you simply must try riced pulses.
Ready in 9 minutes, and thus saving you time in the kitchen, it’s rich in protein and contains more fibre but less carbohydrates than normal rice. And it’s colourful, too, brightening up your everyday meals and making the kids happy. What’s more, you can choose your favourite pulse: Riced Lentils, Chickpeas & Peas, Riced Peas & Lentils, Riced Chickpeas & Lentils.

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If you want to impress, you can’t just stick to plain old couscous.
Here are two options made from nothing but pulses: Lentil & Chickpea Couscous,
ready in 5 minutes, and Chickpea Pearl Couscous, ready in 8 minutes.
Perfect for wowing guests, vegan friends and lame-lunchbox colleagues.

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More than bulgur: the Bulgur Mix with lupin beans, quinoa and lentils is steamed
with Italian extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with Mediterranean sea salt.
Eat cold, or heat for 2 minutes in the microwave.
The Soya Mix with millet and red rice is ready in 12 minutes
and is a great base for hot or cold salads, veggie burgers and meat-free meatballs.
Give them a whirl.

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If you love mash potato, you have to try Red Lentil Purée and Green Pea Purée.
Tasty, colourful, nutritious, light and, above all, unbelievable: don’t try telling
us you’d ever have thought of making puréed pulses.

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