We continuously propose to give our contribution to preserve the health of the planet
and support the community because we are convinced that only responsible growth
and development can help us build a better future.


Our projects:

Environmental Responsibility

Green Energy

The energy that we use in our headquarters
comes from 100% renewable sources.

We have also implemented a series of actions with the objective of improving
energy efficiency.

From a bean a pack is born

Vegetable waste from the processing of our pulses is recovered and used for the production of paper that is 100% recyclable, according to a circular economic model, reducing the use of virgin fibres.


For our boxes, aside from this FSC- certified paper, we utilize ecological inks and, where present, a transparent window obtained from the processing of corn that is compostable.

The ethical lentil that helps children and families in difficulty

With Pedina Lentils, we have been supporting humanitarian projects in Italy and the world for more than 20 years.


Through Pedina Lentils Pedon supports Banco Alimentare with the donation of more than 55.000 servings of pulses and grains, but also with a contribution to cover the cost for the distribution of 125.000 meals in all national territory.

Pedon Experience School

We are commited to promoting healthy eating habits
from our youngest generation.

We at Pedon have created a food education path
for primary schools. Through a series of playful activities, children learn firsthand about the world of grains, pulses and seeds,
discovering their incredible and amazing properties.

In the 2021/2022 scolastic year,
we plan to involve

1500 children.

PedON/OFF Space

We support a balanced and healthy diet,
starting with our employees.

With this objective, the PedON/OFF Space was created: a cozy area
in the company for a healthy and tasty break, but also a place to share
ideas and reinforce the value of integration directly at the place of work.