You can make beer and coffee from it, and salads too.

There’s no doubt that barley is a versatile ingredient. Hippocrates was well aware of it and spoke its praises. Who could blame him? It’s rich in fibre and boosts energy (it was a staple part of Roman gladiators’ diets, just to give you an idea). You can use it in soups, to make pasta and in other baked products, as well as orzottos (you guessed it: they’re just like risottos but made with pearl barley, not rice). Barley water is no longer made from barley, in case you were wondering.

What a story!

The most ancient vegetable form grown by humans (10,000 years ago).

Barley is used to make beer and whiskey (galore!).

It’s also used as a soluble powder to make a drink similar to coffee.

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Here are some recipes, if you want to cook something up.