It's not a cereal, but since everyone thinks it is, we've included it here.

Quinoa likes to take us for a ride. First off, it’s not a cereal but a plant from the same family as beet and spinach. The fact that it’s commonly thought to be a cereal is due to its nutritional properties and the fact that you can grind it, just like grains. Quinoa challenges nature by growing on the Andes (we’re talking here about an altitude of 5,000 metres), withstanding freezing temperatures and drought, and since it knows we like our meals to be Instagrammable, it’s available in white, red and also black. Click.

What a story!

The Incas idolised quinoa, calling it “chisiya mama”, which means “mother of all seeds”.

The Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century banned its use in order to wipe out sacred rituals which were considered sacrilegious.

2013 was the International Year of Quinoa as a food for fighting hunger and poverty.

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