Like a lot of things, you can't stop at just one.

Pumpkin seeds are underrated.
It must be because the pumpkin is always the main event,
so orange and HUGE.
However, its seeds are better still –
versatile, a handy snack,
a source of omega 3 (great news for your heart)
of zinc (that’s for you, immune system!)
rich in protein and amino acids (did anyone say antistress?)
for eating as a snack or to use in cooking.
Just one thing: like all oily seeds, they’re caloric.
A teaspoon a day keeps the doctor away.

What a story!

In ancient times it was thought that pumpkin seeds were the only part of the plant that could be eaten,
as the pulp was too bitter.

The first pumpkins popular with everyone were the Pre-Columbian ones.

The pumpkin was then imported into Europe by Spanish colonialists coming from America, and it brought all its seeds with it.

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