Good all year round.

Lentils are the oldest pulse grown by mankind.
Yet they’re so now – small, affordable and easy to find.
They are made to be eaten all year round, with their high nutritional and energy value.
They’re also the answer to most of your questions:
A food full of vitamins? Lentils.
And minerals? Lentils.
Something low in fat yet high in fibre? Lentils.
For those lacking in iron? Lentils.
And guess which food brings good luck? Exactly.

What a story!

From 5500 BC they were a fixture on the table
of ancient Romans and Greeks.

The “scarsella”, or purse.
The Romans gave lentils as a gift in a “scarsella” with the wish that they
would turn into coins.

In the Middle Ages they were already popular as they
could replace a complete meal.

Our products made of Lentils

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