Green Peas

Delicious, easy to digest, colourful as if it were always Spring. Green peas always win.

It is impossible not to love green peas.
Even children know it. In fact, they generally eat them with joy.
It must be because they are light, and green.
So green that they make for a good side dish, aperitif, first dish and also go well with grains.
Without forgetting the fact that they are perfect both in Summer and Winter.
Did we forget something? They are a concentration of protein, fibre and minerals.
And they are green. No, we didn’t forget anything.

They have been known in Asia Minor since 2000 BC.

A symbol of fortune and prosperity, in the past, the flowers of the
pea plant were woven into wreathes for brides

There are thousands of varieties (and each has its own unique

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