Super in taste, super in protein, simply super.

Edamame beans were created to surprise you.
Initially they look like mere soybeans, but they are SERIOUSLY good. They can be used as snacks,
in soups, salads, or as a side dish.
If you leave them in the pods and put them in the middle of the table, they can be shared like crisps.
They’re really good for you too.
Rich in protein, low in calories, full of micronutrients,
they strengthen the immune system and aid digestion.
The Japanese recommend eating them with beer and who are we to argue with that?

What a story!

Edamame beans are typical ingredients in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hawaiian cooking.

Their name is the combination of two Japanese words: “eda” (branches) and “mame” (beans), as the beans are boiled with their stalks.

The United States Department of Agriculture claims they’re the best snack ever known.

Our products made of Edamame

Aren’t you just dying to try them?
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