It looks like a cereal... yet it's not. But it might as well be.

Sat around the family table alongside buckwheat there are also spinach and beet (because you don’t have to look alike to be related). Perfect for a gluten-free diet, easy to digest as it contains a lot of starch and ideal for replacing bread and pasta to feel lighter. You can try it with cheese, meat, fish, vegetables and even in sweets. A pseudo-cereal and a must-have in the kitchen.

What a story!

Buckwheat is commonly found in the cuisines of the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine, where it is used to make a porridge known as Kaša.

The Italian name is still a mystery. It is believed that “grano saraceno” comes from the fact that it was spread throughout Italy by the Arabs or from the colour of the dark grains, as dark as Saracens.

Growing began in the Verona area in the 16th century and also in Valtellina at the same time, which in turn produced the legendary pizzocheri, pasta made from buckwheat flour.

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