When the day starts off right, it may be because you had oats at breakfast.

Oats are a super-versatile herbaceous plant. You can eat them in grains, flakes, as flour, in sweet or savoury dishes and to make porridge (try it with fresh fruit or almonds and hazelnuts). They contain a lot of fibre and are well tolerated by the gluten intolerant (but must be from a controlled supply chain), and we love them. Above all because we humans have finally changed our minds about them, having for decades just given them to horses to eat.

What a story!

Since they need a lot of moisture to grow, oats were first grown in Northern Europe.

The Greeks and Romans didn’t think much of them and Virgil called them “a weed”.

Oat flour, with its beneficial moisturising effect, was also used in therapeutic baths.

Our products made of Oats

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