KAMUT® Khorasan wheat

A trend introduced 4,000 years ago.

Ancient wheat is super cool,
when you think that KAMUT® grains came into the possession of an American aviator
from a man who claimed he found them in an Egyptian tomb…
Aside from its interesting back story,
KAMUT® is also one of the most complete grains when it comes to nutrition.
A source of protein,
fibre, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium.
Aids cognitive functions and regulates metabolism.
We always said that the Egyptians were very advanced.

What a story!

KAMUT® actually refers to products based on Khorasan wheat, and comes from the Fertile Crescent region.

KAMUT® was allegedly carried by Noah on his Ark, and for this reason is known as “camel’s tooth” or “prophet’s wheat”.

In 1990 the Quinn family decided to register the term “KAMUT®” as a trademark, to identify this ancient cereal grown according to the organic farming system and guaranteed by the highest quality standards.

Our products made of KAMUT® Khorasan wheat

Now you know it all, you can also try KAMUT® in your cooking.
Take a look at our recipes.