Pedina lentils

Special because they're different.

Pedina lentils are actually called “Pardina” lentils, and are traditionally Spanish.
As they need volcanic soil to grow, nowadays these lentils are also cultivated in Washington, Idaho and Oregon in the United States. The specific characteristics of the soil enrich this variety with a number of nutrients that are fundamental for our diet. Its name is synonymous with a special lentil, a high-quality lentil, selected on-site to guarantee its nutritional content which is much higher than that of the average lentil.
Extraordinary, right?

What a story!

Pedina lentils hold their shape longer than other types of lentil as their delicate skin doesn’t break
(we told you they were special).

As they contain a lot of starch,
they create particularly creamy and tasty dishes.

Pedon’s Pedina lentils have always been connected to social sustainability projects
(OK, we confess, we also love them so much because of this too).

Our products made of Pedina lentils

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