Broad beans

‘bean’ fabulous for 4000 years.

Originally from Asia, broad beans became popular among the Greeks and Romans (before they were replaced with a preference for beans). However, Lazio and Sardinia are promoting it superbly by pairing the broad bean with pecorino cheese. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the incredible combination that is broad beans and pecorino cheese.
Anyway. Broad beans are delicious, nutritious pulses. But unlike other pulses, they can also be eaten raw, a great advantage when it comes to saving time, as well as nutrients and mineral salts, which are always lost a bit during cooking.

What a story!

Legend has it that the philosopher Pythagoras, when fleeing from bandits led by Cylon of Croton,
preferred to be found and killed rather than seek refuge in a field of broad beans.

In Ancient Greece, broad beans were used in public votes:
the white beans indicated in favour, the black beans indicated against.

The pods usually contain six seeds; according to an Italian tradition,
finding a pod with seven seeds brings good luck.

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