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Nutrition Facts

Medium values for 300 g

1.041,4-247,8 kJ-kcal
4,2 g
Of which saturates
0,6 g
30 g
Of which sugars
3 g
13 g
16 g
2 g

A comfort food for your pantry? We would like to introduce you to “Bean Soup with pasta”, 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, glutamate or added sugars for a rich and tasty dish, just like homemade!

You won’t have to think about preparation you only need to open, heat and enjoy!

Open, heat and enjoy!

They are
ready to eat.

Steamed naturally,

Without preservatives,
glutamate or
added sugars.

A genuine
and tasty dish.

As good
as homemade!

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