More natural snack!
Nutrition Facts

for single portion (20g)

321-77 kJ-kcal
3,4 g
Of which saturates
0,3 g
5,2 g
Of which sugars
0,5 g
3,4 g
4,7 g
0,23 g

Presenting the greenest snack ever – green in colour and green in nature with its tasty, healthy and most importantly green ingredients that will not only adjust your hunger pangs but also those days when you’re not feeling yourself. The green peas, edamame and pumpkin seeds snack brings a positive vibe and flavour to your breaks throughout the day. Peace out!

Only the written ingredients

on the packaging

toasted in the oven!

Only 86 Kcal.

Preservative free

and gluten-free.

Rich in fiber

and vegetable proteins.

Find out the raw ingredients