Biologica Pedon precedente successiva

Biologica Pedon

A complete range of organic pulses, grains, rice and seeds.

Souperpures Timesavers


The new creamy soup of grains and pulses, organic, gluten free and ready in 2 minutes.



The widest range of gluten free home baking and dessert mixes.

Lenticchia Pedina

Lenticchia Pedina

Top quality lentils. High in fibre, rich in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Dalla Buona Terra

Dalla Buona Terra

Traditional pulses, grains and seeds from the best varieties and origins.

The Timesavers

The Timesavers

Quick cook grains and pulses ready in 10 minutes.

Pedon Desserts

Pedon Desserts

Complete range of basic ingredients for desserts, mixes for cakes, puddings, candied fruits, decorations.

Italia Tipica

Lenticchia di Castelluccio di Norcia P.G.I.

The best quality of lentils available on the shelves.



Organic quick cook grains and pulses ready in 10 minutes.

Pedon opens a new production site


President Franco Pedon unveils the new automatic warehouse of 7,000sqm.

legumi, cereali, preparati per dolci, funghi secchi






7 Grains 90 seconds The Timesavers Pedon



A major international prize for quality and flavour is awarded to Pedon’s Salvaminuti 90-second seven-grain mix

The jury of the Brussels International Taste & Quality Institute, a panel made up of top chefs and sommeliers representing the most important European culinary associations, selected Pedon’s 90-second grain mix, a product from its Salvaminuti line, for the Superior Taste Award, giving it with two Gold Stars for taste and quality.

This important award confirms the international character of the innovative, highly successful products in the Salvaminuti range, sought-after both in Italy and abroad and now recognised by renowned chefs from the Michelin and Gault Millau guides,” said Luca Zocca, Pedon’s director of marketing. “The prize confers even greater authority upon our product, because it was awarded by a panel of professionals in the field of taste, with international experience, continuously in search of new flavours. The award of the two Gold Stars, a privilege reserved for the select few, has given us even greater satisfaction.”

The seven-grain mix is one of the products in the 90-second Salvaminuti range of ready-steamed grains and legumes dressed with high-quality Monini extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of Mediterranean salt and packaged in a convenient doypack pouch. The product can be served after just 90 seconds in the microwave or a few minutes in the pan.

The Salvaminuti 90-second range is rich in fibre and protein, 100% natural and with no artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives or GMOs. It is a highly innovative range, launched last year by Pedon, a company based in Vicenza and a major international player in the field of processing, packaging and distribution of grains, legumes and seeds .


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Acos Egypt


5000m2 facility to produce 15,000 tonnes of pulses every year for the canning industry. The investment, of over two million dollars, contributes to the group’s expansion into the markets of the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Pedon Group has officially touched down in Egypt after the opening of a new facility for its ACOS industry division. The Group has invested $2m in the 5000m2 space, which will employ 60 local workers and produce 15,000 tonnes of pulses every year for the canning industry. It represents a strategic move to expand the Group’s supply sources and further its internationalisation and expansion into new markets.

“The opening of the facility in Egypt is a significant illustration of the continued growth and vitality of the Group,” explains CEO Remo Pedon. “Our presence in this strategically important area will enable us to increase our production capacity and create new commercial links with the countries of the Mediterranean, thus enhancing our presence in the international market with the objective of commercialising 20% of the annual production of Egyptian cannellini beans by 2016.”

A selection of clients, institutions and suppliers were there to see Remo Pedon formally inaugurate the new production line, which is at the cutting edge of the sector due to the innovative technology involved. Over $2m has been invested in the facility, part of which was provided by the company and part of which was supplied by banking institutions. Once up to full speed, the facility will produce 15,000 tonnes of pulses every year. This will consist primarily of cannellini beans, but from next year borlotti beans, lentils and other types of pulses will also be brought in.

The Acos Egypt production facility is located in the new industrial hub of Giza, around 30 kilometres from Cairo. A strategic area experiencing strong expansion, it is already home to notable multinational corporations such as GM, Nissan, Coca Cola, Unilever and Procter & Gamble.

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Franco, Remo and Sergio Pedon

Remo Pedon

Pedon family awarded by the Veneto Region


On its thirtieth anniversary, Pedon has opened the doors of its Molvena plant near Vicenza to present the results of an important study on consumers’ new purchasing behaviours.

The trend in food purchasing in modern distribution is, unfortunately, still negative with a 1.4% decrease. Large-scale retailers are attacked by different channels, which are growing their share of the market, such as discount shops, “on tap” shops, specialist and premium shops. These channels – which have been considered a niche in the food industry up to now – have recorded a double digit growth between 2011 and 2013: organic specialist shops (+16.7%), gluten free (+34%), and whole foods (+11.8%).

These are only some of the results of the research carried out by IRI Information Resources, a global leader in the provision of information on consumer goods markets. The research was presented on Saturday 13 September at a Round Table within Pedon Group’s open day event to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary with a large number of guests, including clients, partners, institutions, suppliers, and employees.

Consumers’ new behaviours between infidelity and research for innovationis an in-depth study carried out by Ermanno Brivio – IR Area Shopper Manager - to investigate every aspect of modern consumer behaviour: purchasing volumes and trends, places and purchasing behaviour, and research for innovation in the food industry.

Walter Fortuna – CEO of Arclinea Arredamenti Spa, Zefferino Francesco Monini – President of Monini Spa, Roberto Zanoni – General Manager of EcorNaturaSì Spa, and Remo Pedon – CEO of Pedon Group Srl were invited to comment these results and give their insights on Italian enterprises. Beppe Gioia, deputy director of RAI Nord Est, was the moderator of this prestigious round table.

“These results clearly show that the eating habits of Italian consumers are changingstressed Roberto Zanoni, General Manager of EcorNaturaSì Spa – Eating organic is not just a fashion anymore. It has become a true ethical value to which consumers pay close attention”.

Even consumers have changed. They have become shopping professionals always hunting for deals and promotions. They browse through the available brands looking for products that make their lives easier. This is why consumers are not loyal to one shop alone. They change according to the ongoing offers and promotions. “Consumer loyalty is a complicated mattersays Walter Fortuna, CEO of Arclinea Arredamenti Spa – The influencers have changed. Nowadays, we deal with the so-called ‘Masterchef generation’, trained and informed consumers who look for quality in the products they use”.

One in four consumers says that large-scale retail shops are not their main place for buying food. They shift from one channel to the other not only to save money, but also to look for quality products and a larger range to choose from. This includes small specialist shops – wrongly considered by most as a channel close to extinction – such as bakeries, butcher shops, and grocery shops, which are hardly affected by the crisis. According to Zefferino Francesco Monini, President of Monini Spa, “it’s the company that has to change the way of communicating its products to customers. It’s important to specialise in a sector or type of product. Being a “Jack of all shelves” is no longer an applicable strategy. Having a quality product is not enough. You need to make it known and communicate the values of the product to consumers. It’s all about food culture”.

The research also investigated consumers’ inclination to innovation. According to the survey, half of Italian consumers thinks there are not enough innovative products on the market, and when there are, they are not that different from existing ones. According to the survey, 70% of Italian consumers is willing to spend more for an innovative product that meets all their requirements. Among the factors that guide a customer’s choice, the quality/price ratio still ranks first (58%), followed by theenvironment (organic raw materials, recycled packaging, etc.) with 38% and the product’s ability to make life easier (30%). “Innovation has been an essential part of our success– says Remo Pedon, CEO of Pedon Group – We have been able to add value to a static and traditional industry, such as that of grains and legumes, creating quick-cooking mixes of grains and legumes accompanied by recipes and tips, using clean energy and sustainable packaging materials. We have enriched our products at the service of our customers”.

After the comments to the research, the discussion shifted to the family tradition, which distinguishes these four great Italian companies. According to Remo Pedon “Family-run businesses were perfect 30 years ago. That’s what has allowed us to build solid foundations and make Pedon Group grow into a market leader. Today, on the other hand, we need to rely on experienced managers, who are not members of the family, to bring constant innovation to the company and support the new generation”.

Finally, the entrepreneurs commented on the current economic situation, giving their own view of the future. Walter Fortuna believes that internationalisation and the approach to foreign markets are essential; Monini, on the other hand, prefers to focus on the Italian market, where it is essential to build a certain credibility before exporting it to other countries. According to Remo Pedon, closing this interesting discussion, what’s important is the entrepreneur’s attitude towards the market. “Creating a network with other companies in the same industry or in related industries, as we have been doing for years, is certainly a very important factor. When companies cooperate, they grow stronger. However, entrepreneurs cannot take care of everything. This is why institutions must help the country get through this situation with structural reforms that help and promote Italian companies”.

Pedon Group’s success has been acknowledged also by the Veneto Region, which has rewarded the Pedon familyfor their work over the past thirty years, becoming a reference for and the expression of modern entrepreneurship in the food and agriculture industry.


The new Dalian plant was recently inaugurated in China. 2,500 square metres where legumes are processed for the canning markets in USA, Europe and Arab countries. This milestone has contributed to the recognition of the prestigious “Cathay Pacific Business Award” to the Pedon Group, which has been present in the country since 1999 with Acos Spa, by Cathay Pacific Airways. The award is a recognition for successful Italian companies who have developed strong entrepreneurial relations with China, Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.

This is a very important milestone for the Molvena-based company, today at its third generation. The company has become a world reference for processing, packaging, and distributing legumes and dry cereal. Its turnover in 2012 was 70 million Euro in 25 counties. It currently relies on 600 employees in its plants in Italy, China, Ethiopia, and Argentina.

2.5 million dollars were invested to acquire the land, build the plant and purchase state of the art machinery and equipment resulting from European technology. Approximately one hundred employees will be hired,  within the first year, in the new plant, which includes two production line with an output of approximately 10,000 kg/h.


prodotti pedon

The European leader in pulses and grains opens a dedicated production facility for pulses, investing more than $2.5 million in its core business in the next three years.


Acos S.p.A., industrial division of Pedon Group, of­ficially opened its new production facility in Dalian, in the north-eastern part of China. Against a background of faltering prospects for the world economy, Pedon Group has grown by 30% in the last 10 months. 100 people will be employed by Pedon Group within a state-of-the-art facility designed by its engineers according to the highest European technology and safety standards. The factory will produce at full capacity 30,000 tons of pulses per year.

“This factory stands at the forefront of technology” said Mattia Pedon, Managing Director of the new Chinese plant “setting an example of the Italian entrepreneurship with an international outlook. Our goal is to grow on foreign markets with an estimated 2,000 containers to export to the main agro-industries of USA, EU and Middle East countries by the end of 2013.”

Meantime, back at the Italian headquarters production continues at full capacity 24 hours per day, 7 days a week despite of the 34 new recruits of the last 18 months.



“A brave man of vision and strategy” says Gates while visiting the Pedon site following the long term CRS (Catholic Relief Services) support by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

A recent meeting took place in Ethiopia between Bill Gates and Remo Pedon, Managing Director of the Molvena based food group. At the heart of the trip by the Microsoft founder, the will to experience personally the Acos (Agricultural Commodity Supplies)  site built by Pedon in 2005, country  export leader in pulses processing and closely linked to the humanitarian work by CRS and the Gates foundation.

“You are a brave, visionary man – says Gates of Pedon – a man of great strategy who succeeded to bring European know-how to the complex and challenging under developed  Ethiopia of seven years ago”...

Read the full article>>

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More than Pasta is the new range of bean pasta: all beans’ benefits come in pasta shapes. Only one ingredient: 100% made of pulses.

High protein and fibre, rich in iron, zinc and magnesium. Low fat and salt free. About 1/3 less carbs compared with regular pasta.

Cooks “al dente” in just few minutes and children love eating pasta.

Free from all allergens (gluten and soya free). 100% natural, kosher and no GMO.  Made in Italy. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The cardboard is partly made of:

-          30% post-consumer recycled paper

-          15% paper derived from the by-products (beans)

The transparent window is made from corn waste (PLA) and we use eco-friendly inks.

Therefore the packaging is eco-sustainable, 100% recyclable, GMO-free and FSC certified food grade packaging.

It’s the result of the Save the Waste project, a virtuous and circular economic model that helps both the environment and community:

- reduction of virgin tree pulp by 15%

- lower greenhouse gas emission by 20%

- the process form manufacturing the paper to packing the finished products comes from renewable sources.

More info, please visit

Three servings per pack.

More than Pasta range: red lentil pasta, green pea pasta and chickpea pasta.

Download the here



Supermix! Range Pedon



Pedon presents a completely new product: the SuperMix! This is a new line of seed mixes enriched with ingredients selected for their specific nutritional benefits; it’s the simplest and fastest way of making your daily meals, from breakfast to dinner, even healthier.

SuperMix! are a healthy food product that responds to today’s modern lifestyles. They are characterised by a high content of fibre, protein, vitamins, Omega 3, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. They are 100% natural, don't contain any conservatives or additives, don't have any GM ingredients and – uniquely for this category – are guaranteed to be gluten free, nut free and suitable for vegans.

The SuperMix! intercept a particularly large and cross-sectional target market, in other words: both consumers who are aware of their own diet and wish to supplement it with a source of beneficial nutrition, and those who are restricted from eating certain foods because of dietary intolerances or because they choose to follow vegetarian or vegan diets.

SuperMix! mixes are ideal for any moment of the day because they strike a perfect balance between taste and healthiness. There are six variations, carefully developed to enrich salads and soups, to make home baking – bread and focaccia for instance – even more special and to make breakfast more substantial when added to cereals or yoghurt. SuperMix! mixes can also be eaten as a snack, before and after exercise, or in the office as a healthy treat.

The SuperMix! line is produced from different combinations of highly nutritious seeds, including sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, linseed and hemp. They are enriched with stabilised vegetables, roasted soya, chia and soft bilberries in four variations for the “savoury” mixes (salads, soups, baking, snacks). There are also two breakfast mixes with buckwheat flakes, chia, goji berries and chocolate-covered blueberries.

The QR code on the packaging gives the consumer easy access to a complete table of nutritional values for each product, accompanied with tips for how to use it. The packaging is especially innovative, a new design that was previously unknown for this category. Indeed, the SuperMix! are presented in a convenient, space-saving pot with a patented dispenser that keeps the product fresh and allows the consumer to measure out the contents easily. The pot is transparent which shows the contents and their colours to great effect and provides better impact and visibility on the shelf. The practical, mono-facing display tray, which is also transparent, or the free-standing display offer different solutions for exhibiting the product at the POS.


The Timesavers 90 seconds: ancient grains ready to eat

the tiMesavers 90 SECONDS: ancient GRAINS READY TO EAT

The Timesavers 90 seconds products come ready-to-eat and are perfect for today’s lifestyle, being all natural, and rich in protein and fibre: steamed grains and pulses with Monini extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of Mediterranean sea salt, packaged in a handy Doypack pouch and ready after just 90 seconds in the microwave, or a few minutes in a frying pan.

RANGE: White & red quinoa, 7 grains, Italian Farro, Bulgur and quinoa

SIZE: 250g - 2 servings

SHELF LIFE: 18 months in ambient storage

Download the here


Bioritmi Pedon Organic Grains ready to eat


Bioritmi 90 seconds is a range of all-natural products (grains and pulses) sourced from organic farms. They are gently steamed and dressed with a drizzle of Italian extra-virgin olive oil and a little Mediterranean sea salt. These, too, come in a handy Doypack pouch, meaning they can be heated in a microwave in just 90 seconds, or in a frying pan in just a few minutes.

RANGE: Rice and quinoa, Long grain brown rice and wild rice

SIZE: 250g - 2 servings

SHELF LIFE: 18 months in ambient storage

Download the here


The Souperpures Timesavers Pedon

Souperpures®: 100% nature inside

The unique creamy soups of grains and pulses, 100% organic, gluten free and ready in just 2 minutes. Selected by SIAL Innovation Awards.

Today’s busy lifestyles don’t leave much time to maintain a healthy diet.

The last thing you need is a complicated recipe after a long day at work, but with The Souperpures you can create a delicious, nutritious dish in just 2 minutes – leaving you time to put your feet up and relax!

Pedon, the leading grains and legumes company in Europe, has created the Souperpures, the new creamy soup of grains and pulses that have been specially precooked without altering the nutritional content. The new range offers
a variety of quick and easy recipe options, providing fibre and protein as part of your balanced diet!

From the field to your fork in 2 minutes!


  • Pures because 100% organic, with no use of additives and GMOs
  • Pures because free from all allergens, not only gluten but also milk and milk derivates, yeast, soy, etc.
  • Pures because made only of grains, with no use of preservatives, thickeners, colourings, glutamate and flavourings
  • Pures because of a mild process which preserves the original nutritional properties of pulses and grains
  • Range extension of The timesavers®, quick cook grains and pulses
  • Convenience, organic and gluten free
  • 3 flavours: chickpeas, green peas and grains and pulses (balancedmix of quinoa, beans, maize and chickpeas)
  • Easy and quick preparation: stir in water, boil for 2 minutes andserve with a drizzle of olive oil
  • The result is a velvety creamy soup rich in natural taste
  • High versatility: simply varying the thickness you can prepare soups,creamy soups, puree, polenta or pastes to spread or dip
  • Innovative 2-serving pack (85 g), very practical to handle and dose
  • The clear foil highlights the naturalness and genuinity
  • Room temperature storage and 15 months shelf life
  • Recipe book available for downloading from Internet or through the QR advertised on the front of the pack
  • Impactful ready shelves packaging solutions available

RANGE: Chickpeas / green peas / grains and pulses (balanced mix of quinoa, beans, maize and chickpeas)

SIZE: 85 g (2 serving-pack)

prodotti pedon

The Timesavers®
The Pedon quick cook grains win the Superior Taste Award!

Pedon is proud to announce that The timesavers 5 grains has been awarded by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) with the Superior Taste Award, a unique international recognition based upon the blind judgment of Chefs who are opinion leaders and experts in taste.

The iTQi is a leading independent Chef-based organisation dedicated to testing and promoting superior tasting food from around the world.

The jury of iTQi, made this year of more than 120 top Chefs, awarded our 5 grains with 2 golden stars as remarkable products with marks between 80% and 90%.

Paolo Pedon - export manager of Pedon S.p.A. - states: "We are very glad of this achievement because it testifies as our quick cook grains are loved by the consumers but at the same time receive great judgements by the most celebrated professional Chefs. After the amazing success of our Timersavers we are ready to introduce new thrilling innovations combining taste, simplicity and convenience all together!"

Download the iTQi Evaluation Results>>

Cous Cous Easyglut Pedon

Tasteful, convenient and gluten free!

Selected by SIAL Innovation Awards.

From Pedon, a leading player in the gluten free market with the brand Easyglut, again a worldwide novelty: the cous cous. 100% natural and ready in just a few minutes, the Easyglut cous cous shows exactly the same convenience and dish uses of the normal cous cous.The foolproof preparation provides to boil the product in a pan exactly like pasta or even simplier to pour boiling water on it.

Delicious even plain with just a knock or butter or a drizzle of olive oil, it is perfect for a Mediterranean hot salad like Tabbouleh or a refreshing summer salad simply adding ready to eat ingredients (vegetables, cheese, meat, poultry,etc.). Low fat and low sodium, the Easyglut cous cous is made from no-GMO Italian corn and it is free from all allergens, not just gluten. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it features a resealable 375 g pack which provides 5 servings. Like all Easyglut products even the cous cous is SGS certified for the absence of gluten and advertises the crossed wheat logo of the Italian Celiac Association. The shelf life is 12 months.

Easyglut® is the most complete range of home baking mixes in the European market, awarded with the Food Quality Award and the Free From Award.


• Free from gluten and most allergens
• Gluten free product certification (SGS)
• Great taste and high versatility
• Easy to prepare, easy to cook
• No GMO, preservatives and colourings
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
• Winner of the Food Quality Award and the Free From Award
• 24 months shelf life (12 months cous cous, 13 months hot chocolate)

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